Yun Yee Tong Dragon y Danza de León

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Yun Yee Tong Dragon y Danza de León

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Yun Yee Tong Dragon & Lion Dance
9 de agosto de 2013 ·

Hand Forms

Primary (Seen as Core Jow Gar Forms)

Siu Fook Fu Kuen - Small Tiger (小伏虎拳) - The oldest and foundation form of Jow-Ga, teaching the primary fundamental techniques that are essential in order to master the system. Almost all the stances and the majority of techniques are contained here. Hung Gar origins are obvious.

Dai Fook Fu Kuen - Big Tiger (大伏虎拳) - An advanced form used to practise strong stances. Usually a number of movements are done in one stance before moving. The first part (the longer part of the form) trains some Chi Kung and also the Kiu (Bridge, 橋) representing Hung Gar. The second part of the form is much shorter and consists of rapid movements, representing Choy Gar. . This form emphasizes the gist of the style known as "Hung Tao, Choy Mei".

Chai Jong Kuen - Wooden Post Fist (柴樁拳) - is one of the more powerful forms known distinctly for its constant power movements and its utilisation of the shadowless kick. It tends to use the leopard technique and some of the Chi Kung techniques.

Man Gee Kuen - 10,000 Fist (萬字拳) - A form that literally is "The head of Hung, and tail of Choy". This form starts off at a slower pace with many Hung Gar movements, as the form progress the pace speeds up because of the use of rapid stance-changing as in Choy Gar. It is quite a long form and trains some Chi Kung and endurance as well. It also has the "Bill Gwa Jon" (標掛撞) technique, which is 3 movements performed consecutively.

Fu Pao Kuen - Tiger Leopard (虎豹拳) - Usually last form to learn and most famous. It teaches many advanced fighting combinations. There is one ground technique which closely resembles a kneebar done on a standing opponent.

Secondary (Not Found in All Jow Gar Lineages)

Say Ping Kuen - Four-Level Fist (四平拳) - Also known as Four-Square, this basic set is sometimes taught before the Small Tiger because it is shorter. Teaches many of the basics of Jow-Ga (including some techniques not included in the Small Tiger). Consisting of between 60-70 moves of mostly Hung Gar origin including the fundamental branch binding hand sequence. Also is the first basic form to include (in some lineages) a jumping kick.

Lohan Kuen - Arhat Fist (羅漢拳) - Lohan is a mythical figure in Chinese Buddhism, and many Chinese martial arts have a form dedicated to such a being. It is characterized by large powerful movements. It is also a form that emphasizes the use of "Chong Chui" (Rushing Fist, 羅漢洗面), and also introduces the "Lohan washing his face" which is actually 3 techniques (Cup Chui, Com Chui, and Jon Chui) done consecutively. This form was created by Chow Biu after he came to Hong Kong.

Fa Kuen - Flower Fist (花拳) - A mix and match form, supposedly created during an impromptu performance given by Chow Bill at a banquet. Thus at the start of the form it looks like a mix of movements from several forms.

Ying Jow Kuen - Eagle Claw Fist (鷹爪拳) - This form teaches swift movements and quick attacks, characterised by 3 consecutive clawing movements and a fourth claw movement on the ground after a flying kick.

Kwok Gee Kuen - China/Country Fist (國字拳) - An advanced form which is quite long and incorporates almost all of the Jow-Ga systems primary techniques. It has a distinct Northern Shaolin kicking technique in the end.

Sup Gee Kuen - 10 Character Fist (十字拳)

Lok Kwok Chung Kuen - 6 Cornered Seed Fist (六隅子拳)

Siu Hung Kuen - Small Red Fist (小紅拳)

Dai Hung Kuen - Big Red Fist (大紅拳)

Dan Gong Fook Fu Kuen - Single Crouching Tiger Fist (單弓伏虎拳)

Seung Gong Fook Fu Kuen - Double Crouching Tiger Fist (雙弓伏虎拳)

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen - Tiger Crane Double Shape Fist (虎鶴雙形)

Tit Jin Kuen - Iron Arrow Fist (鐵箭拳)

Sher Ying Bat Gua Zheung - Snake Shape 8 Diagram Palm (蛇形八卦掌)

Siu Ng Ying Kuen - Small Five Animal Fist (五形拳)

Dai Ng Ying Kuen - Big Five Animal Fist (大五形拳)

Being an ever evolving style the Jow Gar system is always growing in material just like a library or university. One thing all Jow Gar schools have in common is their focus on Martial Virtue seen in their distinctive Bow that is executed before any performance.


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