Recto de derecha (gyaku tsuki), defensas contra

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Recto de derecha (gyaku tsuki), defensas contra

Mensaje  Admin el Dom Ago 13, 2017 8:39 pm

Se armó un debate en youtube. Un usuario alegaba que un gancho de izquierda muy difícilmente podría usarse contra un recto de derecha.

Quienes subieron el video replican:

+Fitness Boxing Academy Here we go again. There are several scenarios where a left hook gets inside a right cross:

1) When the opponent's right hand is pulled back. It's not a noob mistake, many pros do it as well because it anatomically fits certain situations. You can go ahead and slow motion videos of even your favorite fighters you will see that they ALL will at some point pull the right hand further back than the head to achieve a certain desired punching angle. You're totally inexperienced if you've never even seen that.  

2) When the head is dipped forward (kind of like they're leading with their head). This is common when fighters bring their head in after the jab to get into a certain axis position for their right hand. I'm not going to go into specifics because it's too long to explain how and why they get there.

3) If your left hook is not thrown at the same level with their shoulder. Suppose your left hook goes over his right arm/shoulder a little bit and clips him in the temple rather than the jaw. Or suppose your left hook has a little bit of an upwards arc and so it's kind of like shovel-hook or "hookercut" and goes from under his right hand. Some will argue that this is more of an outside hook counter and I won't argue with it. Traditionally I consider inside hook counters to be when your counter beats his punch on the inside and interrupts it rather than going around it. But from a target standpoint, I could also consider inside hook counters to be when the hooks are aimed towards front of the face or body and outside hook counters are aimed towards back of the head (behind the ear) or back of the body (ribs).

4) When their right hand is even a little curved perhaps like a hook as you said, or even an overhand right (very common). Especially when their right hand is an overhand right, you have a lot of space to hook under his arm and get direct access to his face. And it also works if your hook is not so curved but a little straighter sort of like a left cross.


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