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Moti Horenstein

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Grand Master Moti Horenstein was born and educated in Israel. At the age of 5 he began training in judo. Hanshi admits that "Judo gave me a lot of discipline, balance and confidence and was offered a great introduction to what would become my lifelong career and passion." Soon after Hanshi Moti Horenstein's father chose to enroll him to train under Dr. Denis Hanover in Hisardut, which in Hebrew literally means Survival. Hisardut is a fierce combination of Judo, Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and Krav-Maga. Dr. Hanover was a friend of Imi Lichtenstein, the father of Krav-Maga. He was also a student of Mas Oyama, the most brutal karate system in the world. Dr. Hanover was a big influence in Hanshi's life. His tough love and strict ways prepared Hanshi for service in the Israeli Defense Forces and gave him the discipline and the heart to survive through the years he fought professionally.

In 1983 Hanshi went to the Israeli Army. He served in the Airborne Special Forces, and in several commando divisions including the parachuting unit. During those years Hanshi Moti Horenstein was learning, practicing, and teaching survival techniques. To this day his army experience remains a huge influence in his Life. The survival skills gained, the mental and physical toughness, and the experience of fighting in the Lebanon War all remain part of his conscious thoughts on a daily basis. Hanshi Moti Horenstein continued to practice what he learned in the army until it became habit, and eventually his natural instinct. His situation sense and awareness of potential dangers and escape plans are called upon daily in a calm calculated way. "I am confident that I am prepared to protect myself, my family and others in any threatening situation. It is automatic for me to plan escape routes and mentally drill potential scenarios." states Hanshi Moti. During his training, he captured several Junior Champion of Israel titles. In 1986, he captured the title Champion of Israel in the adult heavy weight division a title that he continued to hold until his arrival in the United States in 1989.

With many years experience teaching both Israeli students and the Israeli Special Forces, Hanshi Moti Horenstein decided to give back what the martial arts had given him. In 1992, He opened the Survival Center in Spring Valley, New York. This was the first of three locations. Moti Horenstein's Hisardut Krav-Maga Academy located in New City, New York opened in 1999 and in 2004 he opened another location in North Miami Beach/Aventura, Florida.

Hanshi enjoys sharing his knowledge of survival technique by teaching special seminars in many martial arts schools, military schools, police departments and security organizations.

Today, Grandmaster Hanshi Moti holds both a ninth degree Black Belt in Hisardut Krav-Maga and a Black Belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Grandmaster Hanshi Moti continues to compete worldwide as well as being Director and Chief Instructor of the World Survival Hisardut Organization. He holds World Titles in 5 different styles. In 1995, Hanshi Moti was crowned Champion of the World at the International World Oyama Karate Open Championships as well as capturing first place honors in Team USA Shidokan, representing the United States in Tournaments around the world. Hanshi continued his career capturing Champion of the United States in Muay Thai and in August 1998 he captured Champion of the World at the King's Cup Muay Thai World.

Today Grandmaster Hanshi Moti works even harder to bring his students the best techniques through hard work, research, and continued development in both himself, and in the techniques he teaches. This is something that Hanshi Moti feels is an important aspect in the Survival Hisardut System.


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